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Prosanta Chakrabarty
Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor/Curator of Fishes

LSU Museum of Natural Sciences

Ichthyology Section
119 Foster Hall

Baton Rouge, LA 70803-3216
CV Summary

Published 65+ peer-reviewed papers (in ichthyology, evolution, and conservation journals). Garnered $2 million in grants ($1.7 million as PI, remaining as co-PI). Conducted editorial services (Assistant, Associate and Head) for three journals. Currently training two postdocs, four PhD students and four undergraduates. Taught Ichthyology, and Evolution with high evaluations. Published book on academia with Wiley-Blackwell in 2012 and named a TED Fellow in 2016, and a Senior Fellow in 2018. Traveled to over 30 countries mainly for research and collections primarily from Asia and the Neotropics, described 13 new species. Added over 150K specimens as Curator of Fishes at the LSU Museum of Natural Science, and has made it a nationally recognized collection with one of the fastest growing ichthyology DNA tissue collections in the country. Awarded an LSU Rainmaker Emerging Scholar Award in 2013, Rainmaker Mid-Career Scholar Award in 2016. Interviewed by the BBC, National Geographic, Science, CNN, NPR and other major outlets. Created a multi-tiered permanent fish exhibit and published an associated book ("Making a Big Splash with Louisiana Fishes"). Recently ended rotation as a Program Director at the National Science Foundation 2016-2017; currently Secretary of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (until 2020).

Education/Professional Preparation

1993- 1996     Benjamin Cardozo High School, Queens, New York

1996 - 2000     McGill University, B.Sc. (w/Great Distinction) Zoology, Montreal

2001 - 2006     University of Michigan, Ph.D., Ann Arbor

2006 - 2008      Postdoctoral Fellow, American Museum of Natural History

2008 - 2014     Assistant Professor/Curator of Ichthyology, LSU

2014 - current     Associate Professor/Curator of Ichthyology, LSU

2016 - 2017     Program Director, National Science Foundation, DEB SBS

Service/Fellowships/Associate Positions

TED Senior Fellow

Secretary, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

Chair of the Diversity Committee for the LSU College of Science (2011-2016)

Head Editor, Occasional Papers of the Museum of Natural Science (2014-2016)

Associate Editor/Book Reviews, Fishes, Copeia (2010-2016)

Assistant Editor, Journal of Fish Biology (2010-2015)

Editorial Board, Copeia

Board of Governors, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists

Science Advisor, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Research Associate, American Museum of Natural History (since 2012)

Research Associate, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (since 2016)

GoogleScholar Profile

Recent and Active Grants

2014-2018 NSF DEB: Collaborative Research: Not so Fast - Historical biogeography of freshwater fishes in Central America and the Greater Antilles $ 781,182
PC is PI ($506,704 to LSU), co-PI James Albert (ULL)

2016-2018 NSF CSBR: Imminent and Critical Integration and Renovations to Herps and Fishes at the LSU Museum of Natural Science (with co-PI Christopher Austin)
PC is PI ($485,957 to LSU)

2016-2018 National Academies Keck Futures Initiative: Crude Life: A Citizen Art and Science Investigation of Gulf of Mexico Biodiversity after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Co-PI with postdoc Brandon Ballengee $ 100,000

2009-2014 NSF REVSYS: Reconstructing Heroini (Teleostei:Cichlidae): Of Heroes, Convicts, Angels and Red Devils. PC is sole PI. $519,944

2011-2012 Board Of Regents, Traditional Enhancement Grant - Education: Making a Big Splash with Louisiana Fishes: A Three-tiered Education Program and Museum Exhibit. PC is CO-PI, PI with Dr. Sophie Warny (LSU). $ 117,531

2012-2015 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to Valerie Derouen (PC is co-PI)

2013-2015 Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to Caleb McMahan (PC is co-PI)

2017-2019 Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant to Bill Ludt

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Stiassny M.L.J., Chakrabarty, P., Loiselle. P. (2001) Relationships of the Madagascan cichlid genus Paretroplus, with a description of a new species from the Betsiboka River drainage of northwestern Madagascar. Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters 12 (1): 29- 40.

Chakrabarty, P. (2004) Cichlid biogeography: comment and review. Fish and Fisheries 5(2):97-119.

Chakrabarty, P. (2005) Testing conjectures about morphological diversity in cichlids of Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika. Copeia 2005 (2): 359-373.

Pikitch, E.K., Doukakis, P., Lauck, L., Chakrabarty, P. , Erickson, D.L. (2005) Sturgeon and paddlefish fisheries of the world: conservation strategies for the future. Fish and Fisheries 6 (3), 233-265.

Chakrabarty, P., Ng, H.H. (2005) The identity of the catfishes identified as Mystus cavasius (Hamilton, 1822) (Teleostei: Bagridae), with a description of a new species from Myanmar. Zootaxa 1093, 1-24.

Chakrabarty, P. (2006) Taxonomic status of the Hispaniolan Cichlidae Occasional Papers of the Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan 737, 1-16.

Chakrabarty, P. (2006) Systematics and Historical Biogeography of Greater Antillean Cichlidae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 39, 619-627.

Chakrabarty, P., Oldfield, R.G., Ng, H.H. (2006) Nandus prolixus, a new species of leaf fish from northeastern Borneo (Teleostei:Perciformes:Nandidae). Zootaxa 1328, 51-61.

Chakrabarty, P. (2007) A morphological phylogenetic analysis of Middle American cichlids with special emphasis on the section "Nandopsis" sensu Regan. Miscellaneous Publications, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan 198: 1 - 31.

Chakrabarty, P., Sparks, J.S. (2007) Relationships of the New World cichlid genus Hypsophrys Agassiz 1859 (Teleostei: Cichlidae), with diagnoses for the genus and its species. Zootaxa, 1523, 59-64.

Sparks, J.S., Chakrabarty, P. (2007) A new species of ponyfish (Teleostei:Leiognathidae: Photoplagios) from the Philippines. Copeia 2007 (3): 622-629.

Chakrabarty, P., Sparks, J.S. (2007) Phylogeny and taxonomic revision of Nuchequula Whitley 1932 (Teleostei: Leiognathidae), with the description of a new species. American Museum Novitates 3588:1-28.

Chakrabarty, P., Sparks, J.S. (2008) Diagnoses for Leiognathus Lacepede 1802, Equula Cuvier 1815, Equulites Fowler 1904, Eubleekeria Fowler 1904, and a new ponyfish genus (Teleostei: Leiognathidae). American Museum Novitates 3623, 1-11.

Smith, W.L., Chakrabarty, P., Sparks, J.S. (2008) Phylogeny, taxonomy, and evolution of Neotropical cichlids (Teleostei:Cichlidae:Cichlinae). Cladistics 24, 1-17.

Chakrabarty, P., Amarasinghe, T., Sparks, J.S. (2009) Redescription of ponyfishes (Teleostei:Leiognathidae) of Sri Lanka and the status of Aurigequula Fowler 1918. Ceylon Journal of Science (Biological Science) 37 (2): 143-161.

Chakrabarty, P., Chu, J., Luthfun, N., and Sparks, J.S. (2010) Geometric morphometrics uncovers an undescribed ponyfish (Teleostei: Leiognathidae: Equulites) with a note on the taxonomic status of Equula berbis Valenciennes. Zootaxa 2427:15-24.

Chakrabarty, P., Hans, H.C., Sparks, J.S. (2010) Review of the ponyfishes (Perciformes: Leiognathidae) of Taiwan. Marine Biodiversity 40:1-15.

Chakrabarty, P. (2010) The transitioning state of systematic ichthyology. Copeia 2010(3):513-514

Chakrabarty, P., (2010) Status and phylogeny of Milyeringidae, with the description of a new blind cave fish from Australia, Milyeringa brooksi, n. sp. Zootaxa 2557:19-28.

Ho, H.C., Chakrabarty, P., Sparks, J.S.(2010) Review of the Halieutichthys aculeatus species complex (Lophiiformes: Ogcocephalidae), with descriptions of two new species. Journal of Fish Biology 77:841-869.

Chakrabarty, P. (2010) Genetypes: a concept to help integrate molecular phylogenetics and taxonomy Zootaxa 2632: 67-68.

Chakrabarty, P. Albert, J. (2011) Not so Fast: A New Take on the Great American Biotic Interchange. In: Historical Biogeography of Neotropical Freshwater Fishes (J. S. Albert and R.E. Reis, eds.)[INVITED PAPER, FINAL CHAPTER] pp. 293-305.

Davis, M.P., Chakrabarty, P. (2011) Video Observation of a Tripodfish (Aulopiformes: Bathypterois) from Bathypelagic Depths in the Campos Basin of Brazil. Marine Biology Research. 7, 297-303.

Schaefer, S.A, Chakrabarty, P., Geneva, A., Sabaj-Perez, M.H. (2011) Nucleotide sequence data confirm monophyly and local endemism of variable morphospecies of Andean astroblepid catfishes (Siluriformes: Astroblepidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. 162, 90-102.

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Chakrabarty, P., Davis, M.P., Smith, W.L., Baldwin, Z.H., Sparks, J.S. (2011) Is sexual selection driving diversification of the bioluminescent ponyfishes (Teleostei: Leiognathidae)? Molecular Ecology 20: 2818-2834.

Wiley, E.O., Chakrabarty, P., Craig, M.T., Davis, M.P., Holcroft, N.I., Mayden, R.L., Smith, W.L. (2011) Will the real phylogeneticists please stand up? In: Morphological and molecular approaches to the phylogeny of fishes: Integration or conflict? Zootaxa Special Issue: 2946: 7-16. [INVITED PAPER]

Wiley, E.O., Chakrabarty, P., Craig, M.T., Davis, M.P., Holcroft, N.I., Mayden, R.L., Smith, W.L. (2011) A response to Mooi, Williams and Gill In: Morphological and molecular approaches to the phylogeny of fishes: Integration or conflict? Zootaxa Special Issue: 2946: 33-37. [INVITED PAPER]

Chakrabarty, P., Lam, C., Hardman, J., Aaronson, J., House, P.H., Janies, D.A. (2012) SpeciesMap: a web-based application for visualizing the overlap of distributions and pollution events, with a list of fishes put at risk by the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill Biodiversity and Conservation 21:1865-1876.

Matamoros, W.A., Schaefer, J.F., Chakrabarty, P., Hernandez, C.L. (2012) Profundulus kreiseri, a new species of Profundulidae (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes) from northwestern Honduras. ZooKeys 227: 49-62.

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Chakrabarty, P. (2012) A Guide to Academia: Getting into and Surviving Grad School, Postdocs and a Research Job. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford. ISBN:978-0470960417

Chakrabarty, P., Warny, S., Derouen, V. (2014) Making a Big Splash With Louisiana Fishes. Special Publication of the Occasional Papers of the LSUMNS. ISBN:978-4951-2077-0


Rocha et al. (with 115 others). 2014 Specimen collection: An essential tool Science 344:814-815.

Selected Book Reviews/Abstracts/

Chakrabarty, P. (2004) Abstract: Relationships and biogeography of Antillean Cichlids. In: Stevenson, D. W., Abstracts of the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Willi Hennig Society. Cladistics 20 (2004): 76-100.

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Other Selected Web Articles

Chakrabarty, P. (2003) Huso huso. University of Michigan Museum of Zoology Animal Diversity Web.

Chakrabarty, P. (2007) The fangtooth: Anoplogaster cornuta. Digital Fish Library,

Selected Popular Articles

Chakrabarty, P. (2011) On the importance of museum specimens. Museum Quarterly, LSU Museum of Natural Science 29 (1): 12-14.

Chakrabarty, P. (2010) Letter to the Editor: Oil might lie undersea in perpetuity. The Advocate, Baton Rouge. May 20, 2010.

Chakrabarty, P. (2006) The Greater Antillean Cichlids. Buntbarsche Bulletin 234, 18-22.

Chakrabarty, P. (2005) Papa's Fish: A Note on Neomerinthe hemingwayi. The Hemingway Review. p. 109-111.

Chakrabarty, P. (2004) Museum of Zoology: No specimen left behind. University of Michigan Exhibit Museum of Natural History. The Display Case 17 (2) 2-3.

Field Work

Winter 2004, January 4-14, Dominican Republic.
I collected freshwater and marine spp. from 10 localities for morphological and molecular analyses. The purpose of this trip was to collect individuals of the two endemic nominal species of cichlids and discover if they are valid taxa. One of these, N.vombergae, has not been collected in more than 60 years. Sites visited include the respective type localities of these two cichlids. Specimens collected were used in molecular and morphological analyses testing the validity of these species and in tests of biogeographic hypotheses.

Winter 2005, November 4-14, Yucatan Peninsula.
I collected freshwater and brackish water fish from Mexico and Belize with Ronald Oldfield (UMMZ) and colleagues based in those two countries (Juan Jacobo Schmitter-Soto and Peter Esselman respectively). The purpose of this trip was to collect cichlids for my thesis research on the phylogeny of Middle American Cichlidae and to help with the survey work of our colleagues. Cichlids species collected include: Thorichthys meeki, T. pasionis, Cichlasoma octofasciatus, C. robertsoni and Petenia splendida. Non-cichlids collected include: Belonesox belizanus, Astyanax aeneus, Gobiomoris dormitor, Hyphessobrycon compressus and Awaous banana.

Spring 2006, March 16-26, Taiwan.
Dr. John Sparks and I collected from 20 sites including on a trawler, from bycatch stands, and at markets. Organized by Dr. Hin-Kiu Mok and through the American Museum of Natural History. We collected nearly 1000 specimens and over a hundred species. Some of these include Leiognathids, lantern-belly sharks Etmopterus, Polymixia japonicus, Harpanadon and many other species.

Winter 2007, January 9-22, Malay Peninsula.
Dr. John Sparks and I collected from more than a dozen localities including Phuket Island on the Andaman Sea, Chonburi, and Bangkok, (Thailand); Melaka, and Muar (Malaysia), as well as various parts of Singapore. We collected over 1000 specimens including several new species of Leiognathids. Non-ponyfish collected include nursery fish (Kurtus), wolf herring (Chirocentrus), and kissing gourami (Helostoma) among many others. We collected with Dr. Somsak Panha, Dr. Thosaporn Wongratana and Dr. Heok Hee Ng and others during this trip.

Spring 2007, March 21-March 29, Taiwan.
Collected from several deep sea ports and markets with Hans Ho and the students of Dr. Hin-Kiu Mok. Also set up imaging base for recording live ponyfish.

Spring 2007, March 30- April 9, Sri Lanka.
Collected from over 20 sites on the western and southern Coasts of Sri Lanka, with lots of support from Thasun Amarasinghe and Rohan Pethiyagoda. The northern-most point visited was Puttalam, the southern-most point Matara and the eastern-most was Habantota. More than a dozen rare ponyfish species were collected as were many other marine and brackish water fishes.

Fall 2007, September 20- October 10, Indonesia.
Visited from various sites on the island archipelago, including Java and Bali. Traveling with Daniel Lumbantobing (George Washington University/Smithsonian) and Renny Hadiaty (LIPI-Indonesian Institute of Science). Notable collections included Psettodes erumei and several rare collections of ponyfishes including the first record of Photoplagios laterofenesta in nearly 30 years.

Summer 2008, May 31 - June 26, Madagascar.
Targeted the blind cave fishes in Ankarana and the Mahafaly Pleateu and collected several species of Typhleotris and Glossogobius including some that are new to science and others that have not been collected in decades. Visited over ten caves and sinkholes with Phil Willink (Field Museum), John Sparks (AMNH) and Scott Holtz (AMNH).

Fall 2008, November 11 - November 19, Taiwan.
Made market collections of over 300 marine species (including specimens from coral reefs and the deep sea) totaling over 1000 specimens. Traveled to markets in Taipei, Wuchi, Chiayi, Dongshih, Heng-chun, Tongkang and Tashi. Sampling included molecular and morphological specimens to be deposited at the Ichthyology Collection at LSU.

Winter 2009, January 26 - January 29, Gulf of Mexico.
Trawled with SEAMAP (Southeast Area Monitoring and Assessment Program) on the R/V Pelican organized by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Collected 55 species for the LSU collection including, searobins, marine catfish, frogfish, batfish, puffers and flatfish. We also collected CTD-DO data, water samples, and sediment samples at 12 trawl stations.

Summer 2009, May 17 - June 6, Australia.
Sampled from several caves, sinkholes, and wells in the Northwest Cape of Australia to collected endemic blind gobies. Also sampled fisheries trawling materials of leiognathids and other bioluminescent taxa at the Western Australia Museum.

Winter 2010, January 19 - February 3, Vietnam.
Sampling fish markets from Nha Trang, Mui Ne, and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) as well as brackish collections made on the Mekong river. Collections made with Taiwanese colleagues include over 450 tissue samples representing nearly 350 different marine and brackish water species.

Winter 2011 February 15 - February 24, Costa Rica.
Sampling freshwater and brackish water fishes throughout the country (26 sites) with my postdoctoral fellow Caleb McMahan and Wilfredo Matamoros along with two local UCR students Arturo Anguilo Sibaja and Carlos Garita Alvarado. Collections include over 500 tissue samples representing nearly 120 different species and about 4000 specimens.

Spring 2012 May 20 - May 30, Honduras.
Sampling freshwater fishes throughout the country (12 sites including Choluteca, caves in Olancho, and in Francisco Morazan) with my postdoctoral fellow, Wilfredo Matamoros along with several local students. Collections include over 150 tissue samples representing nearly 30 different species and about 1000 specimens.

Fall 2012 Oct 15 - Nov 2, Singapore.
Sampling marine fishes throughout the country but mainly on Pulau Ubin as part of the Singapore Biodiversity Workshop hosted by the Raffles Museum. In the field with PhD student William Ludt, Heok Hee Ng and others. Collected over 250 different species and over 1500 specimens.

Spring 2013 Feb 28 - March 12, Guatemala.
Sampling freshwater fishes throughout Peten (including Lago de Peten) and other provinces with PhD student Caleb McMahan, Christian Barrientos, Diego Diaz and Yasmin Quintana (last three were the local hosts). In total sampled 59 species, 590 tissue samples and roughly 2000 specimens.

Summer 2013 July 1 - July 4, Japan.
Fish market survey and sampling mostly from Tsukiji, the world's largest fish market, with PhD student Bill Ludt. Samples from about 30 different species, 500+ specimens.

Summer 2014 June 14 - June 22, Kuwait.
Collecting with the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (from their trawls, and Arabian Gulf survey work), plus market survey and mud flats, with PhD student Bill Ludt and Dr. Jim Bishop. Samples from about 70 different species, about 300 tissue samples.

Spring 2015, April 15 - May 2, Middle East Sampling in Kuwait and UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai) from Persian (Arabian) Gulf samples collected as part of a short course for the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research with Dr. Jim Bishop) and PhD student Bill Ludt. Sampled from 120 different species, 250 tissue samples, 500+ specimens.

Summer 2015, June 18 - July 25, Brazil Sampling in the Tapajos and Amazon River near Santarem, Brazil. Collected with trawl, castnets, hook and line on the Calypso with the lab of James Albert and graduate student Bill Ludt. Collected about 200 tissue samples and vouchers from about 65 species of catfish, knifefish, cichlids and others.

Summer 2016, May 12 - May 24, Darien Gap, Panama Sampling in the Darien National Park in the Darien Gap to collect freshwater fishes. With Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Fernando Alda and graduate student A.J. Turner. Collected nearly 50 species of cichlids, catfishes, characins and knifefishes.

Summer 2017, August 9 - 20, Tanzania Sampling mangrove and marine species from the coast of Tanzania in Kijongo Bay, Pangani and in Dar es Salaam. Collected over 400 samples with LSU Faculty from the LSU School of the Coast & Environment and local NGO SeaSense.

Fall 2017, September 27 - Oct 9, Tahiti, French Polynesia Sampled marine and invasive species in French Polynesia, including snapper, surgeonfish, parrotfishes and others most from markets.

Other Lab Field Work

---- Honduras (2x) collecting trip by postdoctoral fellow Wilfredo Matamoros (2010, 2011);

---- Gulf of Mexico SEAMAP trip by postdoctoral fellow Matthew Davis (2010);

---- Panama collecting trip by graduate student Caleb McMahan, and postdoctoral fellows Wilfredo Matamoros and Matthew Davis (March-April 2011);

---- El Salvador collecting trip by graduate student Caleb McMahan, and postdoctoral fellow Wilfredo Matamoros (May-June 2011);

---- Nicaragua collecting trip by graduate student Caleb McMahan, and postdoctoral fellow Wilfredo Matamoros (August 2011)

Selected Press Profiles

Discovery News Oil spill threatens funky flat fish

CNN: Lynch, Kelly (2010) Little-known pancake batfish could be one of oil spill's early victims. (LEAD ARTICLE; translated into more than 10 languages, through CNN and affiliates)

SCIENCE: Schenkman, Lauren (2010) Not Just Pelicans in Peril, But Pancake Batfish, Too. Science [Science Insider], June 4.

NPR: Shogren, Elizabeth. (2010) Scientists: Dispersants Compounded Oil Spill. National Public Radio, June 7

BBCRadio: (2011) Science in Action

Halieutichthys intermedius Ho, H.-C., P. Chakrabarty and J.S. Sparks 2010. Named one of the Top Ten Species of 2011 by the International Institute of Species Exploration - (Picked up by MSNBC, Wall St.Journal, Yahoo, BBC, Nature,and dozens of other outlets)

Awards & Honors

1999 McGill University Macdonald Campus Gold Key Award for outstanding contributions to extra curricular activities

2000 Lieutenant Governor of Quebec Award - for extra curricular activity and academic record

2000 Valedictorian Class of 2000, of the Macdonald Campus of McGill University

2005 University of Michigan Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award , (Highest honor given to GSIs under the auspices of the University of Michigan)

2006 Carl and Laura Hubbs Fellow, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

2011 Top Ten Species of 2010 by the International Institute of Species Exploration Halieutichthys intermedius Ho, Chakrabarty & Sparks 2010

2012 Distinguished Young Alumni Award, Macdonald Campus, McGill University

2013 LSU Rainmaker Award Emerging Scholar

2016 Class of TED Fellows

External Reviewer: Aquaculture, Axios, Biological Reviews, BMC Evolutionary Biology, Check List, Chromosome Research, Cladistics, Conservation Biology, Copeia, Environmental Biology of Fishes, Evolution, Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, Journal of Biogeography, Journal of Fish Biology, Journal of Ichthyology, Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Journal of Morphology, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Ecology Resources, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Nature Education Knowledge Project, Open Marine Biology Journal, Organisms Diversity and Evolution, PLoS One, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Revista de Biologia Marina and Oceanografia, Systematics and Biodiversity, Systematic Biology, Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, Zoology and Ecology, Zookeys, Zoologica Scripta, Zootaxa