Prosanta Chakrabarty, Ph.D.
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What's New:
January 2018 - Named a TED Senior Fellow!
December 2017 - In Cuba! (Havana, and Matanzas)
November 2017 - Our Phylogenomics of Ostariophysi paper is the cover of Systematic Biology!
October 2017 - At the 10th IndoPacific Fish Conference in Tahiti
September 2017 - Collecting trip to French Polynesia
August 2017 - Collecting trip to Tanzania
July 2017 - Last month as a Fed, return to LSU #GeauxTigers
June 2017 - Talk at University of Michigan (inaugural talk at Research Museum Center)
May 2017 - Talk at National Academy of Science Keck Center/LSU Science Cafe on the Road
April 2017 - Talks at Rutgers Newark/NJIT / Science March DC
March 2017 - Government work
February 2017 - talks at the Smithsonian National Zoo and National Science Foundation
January 2017 - at SICB (Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology) and Systematic Biology Standalone meeting
December 2016 - Made a Research Associate of the Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History
November 2016 - Spent week giving talks and working at the American Museum of Natural History in NY
September 2016 - Give talks at Smithsonian NMNH and VIMS (Virginia Institute of Marine Science)
August 2016 - Starting Rotation as National Science Foundation Program Director (Arlington, VA)
July 2016 - TED talk is out!
June 2016 - New $100K grant funded through National Academies Keck Futures Initiative
May 2016 - In Panama, collecting in the Darien with A.J. and Fernando
April 2016 - $500K NSF Collections in Support of Biological Research grant funded!
March 2016 - Receive LSU Rainmaker (Mid-Career Scholar) Award
February 2016 - Gave a talk as a new fellow at TED in Vancouver
January 2016 - In Barcelona, Spain for an R Class in Morphometrics
December 2015 - Named one of 21 new TED Fellows
November 2015 - Elected Secretary of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, 5 year term
October 2015 - Invited to MC Homecoming at the Macdonald Campus of McGill University
September 2015 - Teaching Ichthyology all semester
August 2015 - New PhD student A.J. Turner joins lab
July 2015 - New postdoc Dr.Fernando Alda starting in the lab. #JMIH15 (Meeting of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists)
June 2015 - Caleb McMahan defending PhD. Fieldwork on the Amazon and Evolution meetings.
May 2015 - Bill Ludt collecting in Panama.
April 2015 - Fieldwork in Kuwait and Abu Dhabi with Bill Ludt.
February 2015 - TEDxLSU talk!
January 2015 - In India for the month!
November 2014 - Valerie Derouen successfully defends her Master's of Natural Science degree!
September 2014 - New postdoc Dr. Laurie Sorenson joins the lab & Louisiana Fish Book published!
August 2014 - JMIH conference in Chattanooga (4 lab presentations, 2 posters); teaching Evolution 3040 for the semester.
July 2014 - New $700K NSF grant to study Central America and the Greater Antilles!
June 2014 - PC and Bill Ludt collect in Kuwait. Caleb McMahan is off to start a new job at the Field Museum!
May 2014 - Tenured!

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Associate Professor/Curator of Ichthyology
                         Louisiana State University
Museum of Natural Science, Dept. of Biological Sciences
Research in my lab focuses on recovering the relationships of fishes in order to better understand evolutionary and geological processes. My research interests target species with disjunct distributions (such as many cavefishes), bioluminescent fishes using sexual selection, and using phylogenomic markers (such as ultraconserved elements) to better understand the Fish Tree of Life. I also use phylogenetics to better understand major geological events like the Closure of the Isthmus of Panama or the formation of major Indo-West Pacific regions and barriers. Students interested in working in my lab will learn molecular and morphological phylogenetic techniques, how to conduct geometric morphometric analyses, and various other tools to better understand ichthyology, evolution, and earth history.