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Chakrabarty Lab
Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Sciences
PI Prosanta Chakrabarty
Ph.D. Students
Bill Ludt
Check out his website: BILL LUDT
A.J. Turner
started August 2015
Diego Elias
started August 2016
Pam Hart
started August 2016
Postdoctoral Fellows
Collections Manager
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Fernando Alda, Ph.D
Fernando joined the lab in July 2015
Seth Parker
joined the lab in January 2016
Brandon Ballengee, Ph.D.
Check out his website: Brandon's Website
Current Undergraduates
Link Morgan
Brennan Howell
Glynn O'Neill
Christopher Peck
Aliyah Davis
Erica Kenworthy
All these students are working on various projects related to either sequencing, morphometrics, or curation.
Former Graduate Student Curatorial Assistants: Santiago Claramunt (Fall 2008, Fall 2010), David Anderson (Fall 2009), Gustavo Bravo (Summer 2009), James Maley (Summer 2010) and Research Assistant Haw Chuan Lim (2009-2010)
Former Undergraduate Assistants HALL OF FAME: Parker House (a co-author on SPECIESMAP), Melanie Warren (co-author on GenSeq paper), Justin Kutz (co-author Coatepeque), and Jacques Prejean (co-author Hoosier cavefish), Natalie Derouen (PCR guru)
Former Graduate Students:
Dr. Caleb McMahan
M.Sc.Valerie Derouen (2011-2014)
Former Postdoctoral Fellows:
Dr. Matthew Davis
(Jan 2010- Nov 2011)
Dr. Wilfredo Matamoros (Aug 2010- Aug 2012)
Dr. Laurie Sorenson (2014)